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6 Ways to be a Good Neighbour


Nothing beats the feel of a tightly-knit neighborhood. Why not make it your resolution this New Year, to create a stronger community to last a lifetime. What happened to the days of neighbors becoming good friends? There’s more to us humans than transporting the kids to and from school, studying, commuting, going to appointments and working long hours. I agree it is difficult to prioritize getting to know your neighbor, but here are a few resolutions for your neighborhood to get behind!
1)Don’t forget to say a Salaam – It might just take a fraction of a second to introduce yourself Give them a smile or a wave, and initiate a casual chat. Even if it’s while you’re carrying your child’s heavy loaded school bags back to your door step.
2) Take interest in their lifestyle, where do they work. In case you come across a full time or part-time housewife, ask them about their duty hours, perhaps they need help looking after their children when they get back from school. As little as mentioning this would minimize your neighbors worry in times of their absence during those hours.
3) If you’ve plans to host a Dawaat – invite some of your neighbors over, you can even discuss the idea of a ‘one dish’ party, which seems to work out for most hosts so they can gather and organize the remaining arrangements properly. This allows people to get to know each other in a relaxed and easy-going environment and it’s great for the kids too. Door-knock chit chat or an invite on your social media sites to invite the whole neighborhood. Encourage everyone to bring a plate of food, preferably biryani and some chai — the more the merrier!
4) Join a local fitness club nearby – preferably a gym could allow you to come across locals during the women/men timings. It could be a healthy way to start a friendly conversation. You can end up inviting your remaining like-minded neighbors to join the league.
5) Help your elderly neighbors – If you have elderly residents in your area, why not offer them a helping hand? Give them a lift to the shops, or even just check in on them every once in a while. These small actions can make a world of difference to the lives of others, and you’re sure to make a great friendship out of it as well.
6) Lastly, get your neighborhood to think GREEN! You all can collectively promote clean energy in your streets, or build a community garden at which the whole neighborhood can participate in planting trees and flowers that will arise into beautiful shapes down the lane, depicting the harmony among your neighborhood. Our environment needs to breathe healthy for us to remain healthy in the long run as a community.